MES system and productivity
for plastics industry 4.0

Monitor your productivity with the MES system for plastics industry 4.0, and record stops and speeds.

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The doeet MES system allows real-time control of productivity in the plastics 4.0 industry, changeover times of formats and molds, cleaning associated with each color change and even the traceability of the molds and tools used in each manufacturing order.

Doeet MES associates raw material batches by manufacturing order in continuous mode for traceability control. This makes it possible to detect wastage in raw materials and to complain to suppliers in the event of poor product condition, thus avoiding waste and non-conforming products.

The problems of the plastics industry
that we solved with the doeet MES system.

  • Quality losses, since aspects such as environmental climatology and machine temperature are not controlled in real time.
  • Large amount of lost production time due to product changeover times, adjustments and cleaning.
  • Cost per manufactured part, due to the lack of time control in the manual processes of assembly, burr cutting and reworking.
  • Poor product quality due to molds and tooling in poor condition due to lack of control.
  • Low yield due to production cycle increases, because the manufacturing parameters are not in correct condition.
MES system for plastics industry 4.0

Advantages of doeet in the plastics industry 4.0

Real-time control of SMED changeover times.

Temperature and parameter monitoring with alarms.

Control of molds and tooling together with usage times and status.

Recording of digital quality controls associated with cycles and frequencies.

Our solutions for plastics industry 4.0

MES system and productivity in the plastics industry

Know the OEE productivity of all your lines and machines in real time with our MES system: Injection molding, Extrusion, Blow molding, Rotomolding, Forming, and monitor and record machine stops and actual speeds.

MES system for plastics industry 4.0

  • Count of actual units processed in real time.
  • Control of machine cycle times.
  • Compare productivity by shifts, operators, references.
  • Measures mold changeover times and machine adjustments.
  • Controls manual auxiliary operations: burring, assembly, confections, boxing.
  • Stock control of finished products.
  • Injection
  • Extrusion
  • Blowing
  • Rotomolding
  • Conformed

Plastic production control

Plastic production control consists of very diverse industrial processes: injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, rotomolding, forming, each with different operations and parameters, but all of them with common characteristics.

The MES doeet system in the plastics sector makes it possible to identify and block each injection mold or extrusion nozzle in use by production order and machine, and to record its usage time and status in the ERP. This results in a significant reduction of errors in the traceability of the molds.

  • Control of machine cycle times.
  • Control of finished products, stock
  • Real time count of units processed.
  • Mold blocking in use in the ERP.
  • Identification of the molds by order of manufacture.
  • Tooling control: tools, spare parts, consumables.

MES system with traceability and quality control

The MES doeet system allows the plastics sector to identify the raw material batches associated with each production order. its yields and its mass balance. This allows us to have complete control of traceability backwards and forwards, from the origin and composition of raw materials: pellets, additives, colorants, to the allocation and recording of consumption and batches in each manufacturing order.

Doeet allows the printing of labels of different formats on the plant floor both from a touch screen terminal and from a PDA.

MES system for plastics industry 4.0

  • Prints end-product labels automatically from the terminal or PDA including all consumed material data.
  • Controls the continuous consumption of pellets from the gravimetric silos.
  • Registration of consumption through bar codes.
  • Blocking of raw materials in warehouse.
  • Digital quality control in the laboratory.
  • Visual alarm on non-conforming quality controls.
  • Quality control of PET and its consumption.
  • Knows the raw material available in the warehouse according to the associated order book and its locations.

Molds and manufacturing parameters

MES system for plastics industry 4.0

  • Recording of machine variables and parameters: mold temperature, hydraulic oil, machine, humidity, pressure.
  • Real-time motion recording and control of Cartesian robots.
  • Visual alarm after an out-of-range variable recording: temperature, pressure, humidity.
  • Mold blocking in use in the ERP.
  • Identification of molds by production order.
  • Tooling control: tools, spare parts, consumables.
  • Allows to change the factor of the number of available cavities of the mold.

MES system with cost and productivity control

doeet allows a complete control and analytical calculation of costs associated with all stages of the production processes, up to the unit cost of each unit produced or by reference.

doeet has the ability to track a higher or lower cost at a specific time in production, allowing you to manage a true analytical accounting in real time, taking into account direct and indirect costs, personnel, machinery depreciation, energy costs, etc.

MES system for plastics industry 4.0. Analytical Cost Report

Our engineers specialized in Industrial Organization, will carry out an analytical study of processes that will indicate the real needs of the company, our goal is to adapt the appropriate solutions to each of the needs that are observed, according to the criteria of the company.

Simply with organizational processes, or by using our MES-MOM doeet to obtain in real time all kinds of reports, production, personnel, linking with the ERP of the company and thus ensuring greater fluidity.

Productivity success stories for the Plastics Industry

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