Traceability system

The doeet traceability system controls your batches, raw material consumption, manufactured products, scrap and wastage.

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Traceability system with control of batches and consumptions

Doeet counts the number of units produced directly from the PLCs of the machines and records the batches of raw materials consumed for each item.

Both the factory manager and the machine operator can regulate defective raw materials or raw materials that do not meet the optimum requirements for production.

Number your crates, pallets, rolls, reels, coils

The doeet traceability system adapts to any format or storage method. Doeet allows us to control pallets, semi-finished products, boxes and any handling unit used in the storage and logistics of the manufactured product.

Doeet counts the units of items produced and the resulting quantity of finished products. By connecting a scale to the system, we can record the weight of each product or semi-finished product.

Traceability and consumption control at the operator HMI

Traceability and consumption control at the operator HMI

Record the shrinkage and defective raw materials

Regularize the total amount of raw materials consumed and allocate in real time the shrinkage detected in production.

Doeet allows you to quickly record the causes of raw material wastage to minimize waste and avoid the production of defective units.

Analyze the causes of scrap production

Review the number of non-conforming units produced and allocate at the machine level the units discarded due to scrap and the cause of the scrap.

The system generates a report with the causes of scrap and allows for analysis of the reasons for the lack of quality, to apply improvement techniques to solve them.

Advantages of the doeet Traceability System

Control your finished or semi-finished product units.

Control your consumption in real time.

Regularize your scrap and your scraps in a few clicks.

Control the pallets, coils and cases produced.

Digitalize your production parts.

Link your consumptions and your manufactured product to the traceability system

Know the number of units produced from a given batch of raw materials. Also calculate the items you can produce with your current stock.

For each consumption we add a multiplying factor that relates the quantity of product manufactured to its consumption, simplifying the regularization and recording of production.

Traceability control in batching plant

Functions of the doeet Traceability System

Traceability Control

  • Record the total number of units produced.
  • Record the batches of raw materials consumed in each order.
  • Counting of total units of finished manufactured product.
  • Scrap allocation to production.
  • Imputation of shrinkage to raw materials.