MES system and digitization
for textile industry 4.0

Control in real time the quality and traceability of your product with the MES system for textile industry 4.0.

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The textile industry aims to achieve the highest possible level of quality in its products, as this is a key point when it comes to generating a competitive advantage and differentiating itself from its competitors.

The doeet MES system is a great help in the textile industry to achieve the required quality standards thanks to the application of quality controls in real time and at the machine, as well as to control the speed and production of the machine.

Our MES system generates productivity improvement solutions for the textile industry and production thanks to the indicators it installs and helps companies improve their stock and inventory control.

The problems of the textile industry
that we solved with the doeet MES system.

  • Lack of consolidated production data due to low traceability in the process.
  • Complicated stock management due to the variability of supply and demand.
  • High machine downtime due to adjustments and changeovers for each item to be manufactured.
  • Need for constant quality controls to ensure the best possible condition of the product before being shipped to the customer.
  • Low productivity due to the lack of control of manufacturing parameters and low time control.

MES system for textile industry 4.0

Advantages of doeet in the textile industry 4.0

Grouping of production orders by process.

Real-time quality controls and checklists.

360º traceability and productivity control.
Advanced TraceabilityRegistration, visualization and management of stock in real time.

Our solutions for textile industry 4.0

MES system with quality controls

  • Quality controls of the raw material arriving at the warehouse in order to classify it according to its condition.
  • Quality controls at the machine to guarantee the good condition of the product as it passes through the different operations.
  • Acceptance ranges of the controls with visual alarms in case of not being exceeded.
  • Parameter logging and checklist on the terminal for easy viewing of the checks performed.
MES system for textile industry 4.0

360º Traceability

MES system for textile industry 4.0

  • Detailed follow-up of the product throughout the production process.
  • Recording of the information corresponding to each raw material.
  • Record of the operations to be performed by a product and the machines to be used for it.
  • Link to ERP for complete traceability of the entire supply chain.

Productivity and production control

  • Indicators on the different machines of the units produced and the time used for it.
  • Application of KPIs to measure the required key parameters.
  • Use of a SMED system to reduce the setup time of the different machines.
  • Grouping of work orders by process to optimize downtime.

MES system for textile industry 4.0

MES system for textile industry 4.0

MES system with stock management

  • Raw material reception register.
  • Calculation of units of finished and semi-finished products to be produced.
  • Real-time visual control of the warehouse and production
  • Proposal of raw material consumption and application of FIFO/LIFO system.

Success stories in the textile industry

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