Planning sequencer
of the production

Control the order queue of each machine in real time to obtain optimal production planning.

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Total freedom to rearrange production planning

Organize the order queue of each of the machines and lines in the factory with the doeet Order Sequencer.

Modify the sequence of jobs, change the status of orders from launched to scheduled, and check which orders are in production now.

Manufacturing line sequencer

The doeet sequencer adapts to all types of lane models or manufacturing lines, such as fruit sorting and packing in the food industry. Its interactive drag-and-drop interface allows the production order to be dragged directly to the appropriate lane or line.

Doeet updates in real time the information of each order queue and communicates it to the production plant.

Production planning with the order sequencer

By dragging a production order from released to scheduled we prepare the production sequence.

Production planning. Operator tablet with the list of orders to be manufactured.
Operator’s tablet with the list of orders to be manufactured

Decisions at the machine

The order of the jobs, set in the sequencer by the production manager, is automatically sent to the operator’s terminal. The operator simply displays the orders and selects the one to be loaded next.

We can lock the order queue using an authentication system to prevent modifications so that only the assigned order can be loaded, or allow the operator to make last-minute changes.

Control orders not assigned to a machine

Doeet reports at any time the production orders that are not assigned to any machine. Using the order assignment panel, the production manager can reorganize and send each of these orders to the appropriate line or machine.

Link your machines to your ERP and plan your production

By incorporating a link with your ERP we get direct and immediate communication between the factory and the office, and we can manage production order queues in real-time.

The ERP link returns all production data generated in production: order status, raw material consumption, incidents and last-minute changes.

Advantages of Production Planning

Digitally control all your manufacturing order queues.

Reschedule optimally each order queue.

Make quick and agile changes to queues to improve productivity.

Instantly communicate order changes to your operators.

Decrease order changeover times by applying the SMED methodology.

Control several orders in the same operation

The multi-order function of the doeet sequencer makes it possible to easily control processes in which more than one order is executed at the same time on machines such as presses or plastic injection molds.

The multi-order function is essential in systems where several items are processed with each machine stroke. Doeet manages each of these orders and manufactured products separately, to adapt to the reality of complex production processes.

Production planning

doeet functions for production planning

Order Sequencer
  • Assignment of production orders to machines.
  • Management of production order queues.
  • Receipt of orders from the ERP automatically at the factory.
  • Adaptable to multi-order and parallel systems.
  • Eliminate the paperwork associated with each order in production.

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