Advanced product traceability

Locate each unit, box or pallet with the product traceability and know its origin, quality and manufacturing status.

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A complete product traceability system

Locate any product unit at any time and know exactly where it is located in the warehouse or in the factory plant. This makes storage and picking simple and efficient.

Control your stock of both raw materials and manufactured products, their batches, their status and any other data required in production.

Full traceability from receipt to dispatch

Registering all your raw materials from the warehouse allows you to control their complete traceability: origin, source, initial quality, weight and any other relevant associated data.

Doeet controls the complete route followed by each item in the factory plant, from receipt to dispatch. Each stage, process or operation is recorded.

Picking with advanced traceability

Complete and paperless digitalization

Operations carried out in the factory, such as receipt of raw materials, industrial registrations or warehouse movements, can be automatically or operator-assigned at the terminals. These data are used for the generation of automatic traceability reports, which can be used to improve production processes or to perform queries.

In this way, all information is recorded in the system and we can eliminate all paper documents in the factory plant.

Calculate your raw material yield

The raw material yield report allows you to know the actual and exact amount of raw materials wasted during the production process. In this way, we can detect high or unjustified consumption of raw materials and take action to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The mass balance indicates the number of units produced and raw materials consumed. Raw material yield relates to the utilization of raw materials and the finished product.

Record your actual consumption

The doeet traceability system is fully integrated with the production plant. Through its connection to scales and operator HMIs, it is possible to know in real time the quantity and units that have been produced and consumed with accuracy.

Traceability with picking

Advantages of Product Traceability Control

Control your forward and backward traceability.

Avoid errors and incidents in raw material batches.

Manage storage and picking effectively.

Control all your stocks in real-time.

Automate your labeling

Doeet connects to in-plant labellers to instantly print the labels associated with each semi-finished or finished goods manufacturing order, with all relevant information for manufacturing.

Customize your labels with the tokens and auxiliary data you need: weight, category, calibre, and grouping. The system can generate standard GTIN13, QR, RFID barcode labels, etc.

Label printing

Product traceability connected to ERP in real time

The doeet system is fully connected to your ERP system or advanced SGAs. In each product creation, consumption, remains, reception. the system is connected to the ERP in order to maintain inventories in real-time.

It also allows the establishment of accounting tracking marks to facilitate accounting.

The advanced traceability of doeet allows the reception of orders from the ERP system through the DOEET API WS that will be used in production and will ensure the traceability of consumption and realized production. The system is designed to secure transactions even when there are connectivity problems through the delayed forwarding system.

Product traceability

Receiving and Weighing

The reception and weighing function allows you to register a new reception or edit a previous reception from a PDA terminal.

Select a new reception and enter the trip number and assign the batches for traceability.

At the end, we will print the corresponding label. The design of the labels must be done from the applications of the respective printer manufacturers.

Movement between warehouses

The Warehouse Location Change function allows you to control and modify the storage locations of materials in the Warehouse.

To do this we select the new location and assign the container or containers we want to move by reading their barcodes.


The palletizing function allows you to create pallet-type storage containers. Pallets are created from boxes coming from the sizing process or the packaging process.

Three different methods are available for this: If the order is being manufactured, if we know the order number or by reading a barcode from a box. The system automatically assigns the corresponding production order.

Advanced product traceability functions doeet

Advanced traceability

  • Real-time raw material stock control.
  • Actual location of the semi-finished and finished products.
  • Digital record of the operations performed on the product.
  • Full traceability from receipt to dispatch.
  • Automatic label printing.
  • Mass balance control of raw materials.
  • Visual warehouse.

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