MES system for Industry 4.0
of waste management

Control in real time your traceability, stock, scrap and waste with the MES system for Industry 4.0 waste management.

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Waste treatment is a complex process, as it involves working with materials that have already been used. Proper management of these wastes is of vital importance to ensure a competitive advantage in the marketplace, employee safety and proper operation of the production plant to improve productivity for the waste management industry.

The doeet MES system ensures a good production process in the waste management industry, as well as overall traceability control over the product and materials.

Doeet generates dynamic solutions to the large number of quality controls to be performed. In this way, it is easier to control the waste and scrap produced and to control machine times in order to minimize the generation of scrap.

The problems of the waste management industry
that we solved with the doeet MES system.

  • High quality controls that must be analyzed in real time to avoid problems in materials management.
  • Difficult to manage the high amount of scrap and waste produced due to the poor quality of the product being processed.
  • Difficulty in inventory management, since it works with large quantities of waste and accumulates a high amount.
  • Complicated process traceability management due to the large number of operations a product undergoes to ensure its complete transformation.

MES system for industry 4.0 waste management

Advantages of doeet in industry 4.0 waste management

Traceability of raw materials, inventory and semi-finished products.

Real-time quality controls associated with the machines.

Real-time registration and control of scrap and wastage.
Advanced TraceabilityControl of materials that improves inventory management.

Our Industry 4.0 solutions for waste management

360º Traceability

  • Identification of raw material batches associated with each production order.
  • Recording of the steps that make up each product transformation process.
  • Printing of labels for identification of semi-finished products.
  • Control and visualization of the actual status of the product process.
MES system for industry 4.0 waste management

Inventory management

MES system for industry 4.0 waste management

  • Registration of raw materials entering the warehouse, as well as a control of the products that will be formed from it.
  • Visual control of the quantities of raw materials and finished and semi-finished products in the inventory in real time.
  • Warehouse control to ensure FIFO/LIFO.
  • Inventory management that calculates utilization times and quantities of stored materials.

Quality Control

  • Quality control at the reception of raw materials to check the actual quality of incoming waste.
  • Installation of on-machine quality controls on production lines.
  • Establishment of quality parameters to ensure that the product is in the correct range.
  • Creation of a historical quality record to see the comparison with previous qualities and the possible risks or benefits associated with them.

MES system for industry 4.0 waste management

Scrap and shrinkage control

MES system for industry 4.0 waste management

  • Record on each machine of the waste and scrap produced in order to identify critical points.
  • Quantification of the number of scrap units per machine and in general and their associated economic value.
  • Identification of the toxicity of the waste to be removed and protocol for action to be taken.
  • Process performance indicator based on the theoretical and actual production produced due to scrap and wastage.

Waste management companies improving their productivity with doeet

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