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Enter Industry 4.0, improve your production and reduce costs with the most advanced MES MOM System.

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Industry 4.0 MES MOM. Calculation of OEE in production

A MES MOM system for Industry 4.0

Doeet is one of the main platforms of Industry 4.0 oriented to industrial digitalization, production control, productivity improvement and cost reduction.

Doeet collects your manufacturing data in real time: production, productivity, quality, traceability, costs, maintenance and analyzes machine and operator information: downtime, units produced, consumption, scrap, wastage and rejects.

Our MES MOM solutions for Industry 4.0

Factory Plant Control

Industry 4.0 MES MOM. Solutions for Factory Plant Control

Control in a comprehensive way the status of all the processes of your production plant. The doeet MES system automatically collects data from machines and operators via PLC cards and operator terminals.

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Manufacturing Operations Management

Industry 4.0 MES MOM. Solutions for Manufacturing Operations Management

Coordinate your planning, maintenance, warehouse or quality areas in real time. The MOM system connects your MES with your ERP to schedule an optimal manufacturing sequence and communicate it to the shop floor.

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Traceability and warehouse

Industry 4.0 MES MOM. Solutions for Traceability and Warehouse

Control the batches and consumption of raw materials or semi-finished products used in each production order. Obtain complete traceability, from the receipt of raw materials to the shipment of the finished product.

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Cost Control and Reduction

Industry 4.0 MES MOM. Solutions for Cost Control

Know your actual production costs and their variance, by order or by reference, down to the unit cost of each item. Analyze the costs of personnel, materials or depreciation, energy costs and manual tasks.

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Scalable to the size of your company


Adaptable to all sectors


Customizable to your company’s needs


ROI less than 1 year


Friendly on all devices


Simple and fast implementation, reliable from the beginning


Specialized and configurable expansion modules


Connectable to ERP, WMS, Web Services systems

A complete ecosystem of solutions and functions
scalable, adaptable and customizable

Doeet has a catalog of specialised modules to expand the functions of certain areas and sectors with specific needs. We can connect in-plant terminals to the ERP to send production orders and plan for optimal sequencing, or extend quality control and traceability functions.

Or deepen the analysis of OEE, production and energy costs to optimize production and reduce costs. Other modules allow us to control the parameters and maintenance of machines, molds and tooling, enable documents and manufacturing guides or project informative screens to avoid production errors.

Industry 4.0 MES MOM. MES ERP Integration
Industry 4.0 MES MOM. Order sequencer
Industry 4.0 MES MOM. Quality Control
Industry 4.0 MES MOM. Traceability

Industry 4.0 MES MOM. Advanced Traceability

Industry 4.0 MES MOM. Analytical costs

Industry 4.0 MES MOM. Visual Factory
Industry 4.0 MES MOM. CMMS Maintenance
Industry 4.0 MES MOM. Manufacturing parameters
Industry 4.0 MES MOM. Energy consumption
Control of Manual Works
External Operations
Industry 4.0 MES MOM with doeet
Industry 4.0 MES MOM. Manufacturing guides
Industry 4.0 MES MOM. Document Management
Industry 4.0 MES MOM. Mold and tooling control
Industry 4.0 MES MOM. Auto-Stops

With a wide range of modules, doeet can provide a wide range of
specialized solutions to all areas and sectors:

  • Connect HMI interfaces to ERP to send production orders to avoid rework or paper parts.
  • Plan for optimal sequencing and faster response to the market.
  • Expand the functions of quality control and traceability of raw materials to adapt to customer requirements.
  • Deepen the analysis of OEE, production and energy costs in order to optimize production and reduce costs.
  • Control manufacturing parameters and develop maintenance plans to ensure product viability.
  • Ensure product conformity by completing manufacturing guides and controlling all molds and tooling required for production.
  • Avoid errors by enabling the display of documents on the HMI interface or even projecting information on information screens.

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Solutions for Factory Plant Control

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Doeet is a comprehensive production control system that incorporates the OEE, MES and MOM systems needed in a digital factory to use Industry 4.0 tools and business intelligence.

After implementing your MES system, OEE productivity reports will give you insight into your efficiency, availability, performance and quality.

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doeet is compatible with the main ERP systems on the market.

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