MES system for Industry 4.0
of wineries and bottling companies

Control your traceability, shrink and scrap in real time with the MES system for industry 4.0 for wineries and bottling companies.

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Due to the rising cost of raw materials, climate change and the regulations imposed on their traceability, SMEs dedicated to wineries and bottling companies are finding it increasingly difficult to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors and position themselves in the Industry 4.0 market.

The doeet MES system is able to mitigate this series of challenges, providing optimization in the use of raw materials thanks to its solutions in the following areas real-time traceability controls, management, control of wastage and scrap produced, etc. to improve your productivity for the winery and bottling industry.

The problems of the winery and bottling industry
that we solved with the doeet MES system.

  • High machine cleaning times that result in lower productivity and machine uptime.
  • Excessive wastage and scrap in the products generating large economic losses due to the shortage of raw materials.
  • Complicated quality management on paper since they have to perform constant quality controls to ensure the good condition of the product.
  • Difficulty in managing traceability, taking into account warehouse and storage times for each lot, type of product and harvest.
  • Discounts in inventories due to complicated unit conversion calculations between kilograms, liters, meters, etc.

MES system for industry 4.0 for wineries and bottling plants

Advantages of doeet in Industry 4.0 for wineries and bottlers

Traceability of raw materials, finished and semi-finished products.

Management of waste and scrap generated in production.

Real-time control of product mixing, processing and packaging.

Recording of quality controls carried out in the plant in digital form.

Our solutions for Industry 4.0
of wineries and bottling companies

360º Traceability

  • Registration and location of raw materials received in the warehouse, associating producer, harvest, harvest date and receiver.
  • Verifies all traceability information associated with the product by reading a barcode on the label.
  • Real time control of the bottled bottles.
  • Identification of the processes and machines through which the product will pass.

MES system for industry 4.0 for wineries and bottling plants

Mixing and recipe control

MES system for Industry 4.0 for wineries and bottling plants

  • Record of raw materials and quantities required for the preparation of the recipe or mixture to be packaged.
  • On-machine allocation of the auxiliary raw material associated to the production order by bar code reading.
  • Digital display of the instructions for the different mixtures required, indicating their quantities, times and associated documentation.
  • Reports where the BOM finally applied can be reviewed.

Quality Control

  • Performing quality controls at the line on the terminal in the different manufacturing sections.
  • Alarm with indicators when the established tolerance range is exceeded in parameters such as: humidity, temperature, pressure, etc.
  • Digitization of checks and quality controls, avoiding paper reports and parts.
  • Consultation of the control history and comparison between periods to assess the quality situation of the product.

MES system for industry 4.0 for wineries and bottling plants

Warehouse control and yield calculation

MES system for industry 4.0 wineries and bottling plants

  • Real-time warehouse status with control of semi-finished products and auxiliary raw materials.
  • Printing of identification labels with all registration data from receipt to entry as finished product.
  • Calculation of mass yields by stages in the manufacturing process and in real time.
  • Expedition management with picking and packing from PDA Doeet.

Companies in the winery and bottling sector improve their productivity with doeet


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