MES system and digitization for the
graphic printing industry 4.0

Coordinate production operations in real time with the MES system for industry 4.0 graphic printing.

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Graphic printing projects involve the coordination of multiple parties, such as graphic design, production, shipping and delivery. If not managed properly, there can be delays, printing errors and problems with meeting deadlines.

With the doeet MES system we can monitor and control production operations in real time, to optimize production efficiency and quality and improve productivity for the graphic printing industry.

Printers require regular maintenance and replacement of worn parts, which can result in poor quality prints or mechanical problems that delay production.

The problems of the graphic printing industry
that we solved with the doeet MES system.

  • Have production order information on paper, decentralized and dispersed throughout the plant.
  • Lack of view of real-time progress of print jobs.
  • Longer production times, downtime and lower efficiency due to the difficulty to plan and schedule jobs optimally.
  • Undetected quality problems in print jobs and decreased customer satisfaction.
  • Lack of traceability and difficulties in tracking the movement of print jobs.

MES system for industry 4.0 in the graphic printing industry

Advantages of doeet in industry 4.0 in graphic printing

OEE CalculationImproves production efficiency by reducing downtime.

Real-time quality control for fast troubleshooting.

Ensures product traceability to comply with requirements and regulations.
Advanced TraceabilityImprove inventory management by monitoring materials and components.

Our solutions for industry 4.0 in graphic printing

MES system and production control for the graphic printing industry

  • Control of graphic printing production processes, from the reception of the order to the delivery of the final product.
  • Count of actual units processed in real time.
  • Control of machine cycle times.
  • Control of manual auxiliary operations: printing verification, die revision.
MES system for industry 4.0 in the graphic printing industry

MES system for industry 4.0 in the graphic printing industry

Traceability and quality

  • Printing of end-product labels automatically from the terminal or PDA.
  • Control of raw material consumption by means of bar codes.
  • Visual alarms in non-conforming quality controls.
  • Management and traceability of the movement of print jobs.

Production order sequencing

  • Manages and plans the production of orders, monitors resources and inventory, controls quality and traceability, and automates production processes.
  • Faster and more efficient production time reduction by identifying bottlenecks and reducing lead times.
  • Quality control: review and control of quality requirements at the required time.
  • Inventory management to predict in advance what materials are needed and when.
  • Greater flexibility and better adaptation to changes in customer demand.

Production planning with the order sequencer

MES system for industry 4.0 in the graphic printing industry

Costs and productivity

  • Monetization calculated on OEE productivity: availability, performance and quality.
  • Real knowledge of production costs.
  • Calculation of the cost of die change or machine maintenance time.
  • Calculation of coil wastage/damage prior to production start-up.

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