Real-time quality control

Establish each quality control to be completed by the operator and analyze the collected production data.

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Create your quality control plan

Create and edit the different quality control plans to be completed by the operator in the factory plant. Add and group the required controls and data to each plan.

You can create quality plans for specific activities such as a machine start-up, order or reference change.

Design your checklists for operators and items.

Incorporate selection checklists, lists, and numerical or text inputs with the data you want to collect from production: raw materials, machine parameters, or checks, and these will be assigned to lines, machines, references or operators.

You can also generate specific controls for certain references and machines.

Manual Job Monitoring. Quality control at the operator terminal

Manual Job Monitoring. Quality control at the operator terminal

Compatible with external measuring devices

Doeet connects to any external device such as check weighers, scales, machine vision systems or to the machine itself, to make manual or automatic records of any quality variable or manufacturing parameter.

Real-time quality

Check and analyze in real-time the quality records or machine parameters, obtained manually or automatically, using PLC cards, scales, machine vision systems and other measuring and control devices.

Doeet generates a graph with the data recorded for each variable, its nominal value and minimum and maximum allowable value. We can limit the results to a specific period.

Advantages of quality control

Create your quality controls for products, machines or operators.

Program and associate specific controls according to your end customer’s requirements.

Real-time review of out-of-range quality controls.

Reduce non-conformities and defective units.

Create operator alerts and warnings

Activate the controls for each plan and indicate to which section, machine, item or order they should be associated. You can indicate that they are activated every certain time or every number of units produced.

A warning shall appear on the operator terminal indicating that a check has to be completed: at the start or end of the order or persistently. The quality controls are designed to be completed quickly and easily by the operator.

Analyze and reduce your quality problems

Doeet automatically counts the defective units and associates them with the quality controls carried out in the factory plant. All data is recorded in the quality variables report to analyse the factors that affect the quality of your final product.

doeet quality control functions

Quality Control

  • Creation of quality controls for products, machines or operators.
  • Assignment of quality controls to operations and references.
  • Fulfilment of the controls in HMIs by the operator in the factory plant.
  • Quality control reports and charts.
  • Quality variables with range of tolerances.
  • Control of measuring equipment.

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