MES system for
industry 4.0 cosmetics

Control efficiency in reactors, mixers and packaging with the MES system for cosmetic industry 4.0.

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Cosmetics companies need a competitive advantage to stay in the market. The industry requires the use of MES software to control and improve its efficiency and productivity during manufacturing, in reactors, mixers and packaging lines.

The doeet MES system improves production management and productivity for cosmetic Industry 4.0, and provides real-time information about the manufacturing process. Doeet records material usage, machine efficiency, production time and labor performance. Analyze data to identify problem areas and take action to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The problems of the cosmetics industry
that we solved with the doeet MES system.

  • Delays and errors in the production process and problems in the management of documentation due to the use of paper parts.
  • Lack of control in the production process, since it involves many stages and different suppliers.
  • Lack of standardization in production and control processes and preparation of recipes and mixtures.
  • Difficulty in ensuring traceability of materials and components used in the production of cosmetics.
  • Lack of visibility in production data, which makes it difficult to make decisions based on real and objective data.

MES system for cosmetic industry 4.0

Advantages of doeet in cosmetic industry 4.0

Advanced TraceabilityManagement of the complex supply chain of materials and components.

Traceability of supplier orders, inventories and material usage.

Decision-making based on objective data and in real time
OEE CalculationCompetitive advantage by improving efficiency, quality and supply chain.

Our solutions for cosmetics industry 4.0

Production control in the cosmetics industry

  • Productivity data of manufacturing and packaging lines, stops and speeds.
  • Productivity comparison between different shifts, operators or raw materials.
  • Control of the time invested in the preparation of the reactors and mixers.
  • Control of manual auxiliary operations (packaging, boxing, etc…).
MES system for cosmetic industry 4.0

Control of production variables

Costs and productivity

  • Control of actual costs associated with each production order.
  • Economic calculation of losses due to stoppages, speed reductions, productivity.
  • Calculation of maintenance time costs due to machine breakdowns.
  • Monetization on OEE productivity and its KPIs: availability, performance and quality.

Traceability and quality

  • Control of the batches of raw materials used in each production order.
  • Traceability control per unit, product, lot, order or reference.
  • Sending information to the printer/batcher automatically.
  • Printing of traceability management labels, both for finished and semi-finished products.
  • Performing quality controls and plant checklists at the operator terminal.
  • Quality self-checks linked to weighers, metal detectors or machine vision.

MES system for cosmetic industry 4.0

MES system for cosmetic industry 4.0

Manufacturing parameters and variables

  • Recording of machine variables such as temperature, PH, pressure, humidity, etc.
  • Control of material dosage and recipe phases.
  • Visual alerts when critical variables to be controlled are out of tolerance.

Cosmetics companies improving their productivity with doeet



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