MES system and quality for the
food industry 4.0

Control your quality and traceability with our MES system, and improve your productivity in food industry 4.0.

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Doeet controls in real time the traceability and productivity in food industry 4.0, from the date and time of receipt of raw materials to consumption or mass balance.

The MES system for the food industry associates raw material and final product batches by manufacturing order for 360° traceability.

In this way, we detect the processes with the greatest waste and avoid waste and non-conforming product.

It monitors the manufacturing parameters of each machine to make decisions immediately, without producing the complete order, and avoids economic losses due to poor product quality.

The problems of the Food and Beverage Industry
that we solved with the doeet MES system.

  • Complicated traceability management due to the lack of an integrated plant control system.
  • Discounts in warehouse inventories due to lack of control in actual consumption, when discounting raw material consumption based on a theoretical one associated to the price range.
  • Delays in the detection of poor product quality and increased generation of non-conformities, due to the lack of real-time recording of variables.
  • The technical data sheets of products and recipes generate a lot of paper and lack of control in the supervision of their correct execution, since they are not 100% digitalized.
  • Cleaning and format changeover times represent a significant drop in the availability of the production lines, as they are not objectively controlled.

MES system for food industry 4.0

Advantages of doeet in food industry 4.0

Traceability of each batch consumed, semi-finished or raw material.

Warnings and alerts for out-of-range quality controls.

Control of defective units, shrinkage and scrap.

Registration and control of mixtures and recipes with manufacturing guides.

Our solutions for food industry 4.0

360º food traceability

  • It associates by bar code reading the materials used in each manufacturing process.
  • Poka Yoke system to avoid errors in batch allocation.
  • Automatic loading of the order book from the ERP. Check in real time the availability of batches to be consumed from the doeet terminal.
  • Control of semi-finished products during the process with label printing generating the assigned batch.
  • Specific traceability management reports.
  • Automatically generates products and by-products from the manufacturing process.

Food quality control and shrinkage

  • Performs quality controls at the line level based on units processed or time elapsed, generating warnings for out-of-range measurements.
  • Quality control at the beginning of the production order, on raw materials at reception.
  • Signs quality controls in real time with the documentation processed for audits.
  • Provides standards and visual information to the operator to avoid non-conformities.
  • Performs laboratory controls associated with the manufacturing order in progress, these are automatically associated with the order documentation.

MES system for food industry 4.0. Traceability and quality control doeet terminals.

Inventory management. FIFO. LIFO

  • Identifies recipe batches and semi-finished products after each preparation process.
  • Proposal of batch consumptions according to the date of reception.
  • Consult the stock in real time of auxiliary raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.
  • Record of incoming raw material orders traced to the supplier, weight, date, partial orders, location and person in charge of reception.
MES system for food industry 4.0
MES system for food industry 4.0

Tracking of mixtures and recipes

  • Communication with hoppers and silos by means of gravimetrics for continuous consumption control in the process.
  • Weight registration and label printing at the end of the batch, importing traceability data.
  • Location and control of the finished product, considering resting or cooling periods.
  • Guidelines for the creation of recipes or preparation, allocating batches and performing quality controls on each batch of auxiliary product.


Success stories in food industry 4.0

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Companies in the food sector improving their productivity with doeet

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