doeet team

The doeet team is a multidisciplinary team of specialists and professionals in the sector, made up of engineers and technicians specialized in production, as well as programmers and web designers.

A product like doeet would not be possible without real and deep knowledge of industrial production. Our technicians have years of experience advising companies of all sectors and sizes.

Thus, what started as a tool only to obtain the internal calculation of some productivity indicators (OEE), evolved, incorporating the functions and solutions requested by our customers: traceability, quality, and costs.

In its growth doeet adopted the latest technologies in programming and web development, so that all information and graphics can be viewed and interacted on all devices: PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile.


The evolution of mobile devices, network cards and sensors, increasingly cheaper and more efficient, facilitate and optimize the installation of the required devices at the machine.

For all these reasons, we consider doeet to be your gateway to Industry 4.0.

doeet team digitizes your production