Control of operators in external operations

Activate the control of operators in manual tasks, whether associated with a machine or not, and know in real time if they are finished.

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Control of operators and any type of production operation

The doeet External Operations module allows you to effectively control manual tasks on the shop floor, whose efficiency is often overlooked. Controls auxiliary operations such as cleaning, order or support tasks for the production process.

The operator simply selects the task from a list previously configured for each plant location. The system records the status of the activity and the number of hours spent performing that task.

Associates operator control to a production order

Controls operations related to a production order without allocating manufactured product.

In this way you can precisely control operations performed on the machine but which do not add value to production, such as setting machines or performing quality controls.

Allocates units produced to order-related operations

Doeet allows to control manual operations in which the manufactured product is declared. In this way, the product’s production scale is considered and parameters such as the hours charged by each operator, raw material consumed and units manufactured are calculated.

This mode is useful for manual tasks such as manual boxing or packaging, assembly, etc.

Accessible through any device

The external operations module is specially designed for use with PDA mobile terminals, so that the operator can carry it with him at all times and in a comfortable way.

Its design is simple, intuitive and customizable to the specific operations to be performed in each plant.

Picking with advanced traceability

Advantages of operator control

Create manual tasks for each location or production order.

Controls the timing and efficiency of plant operations.

Measures productivity per operator to apply incentives.

Simple and intuitive interface adapted to PDA terminals and/or smartphones.

Compatible with all doeet extension modules.

Activate advanced traceability

External operations functions can be connected to the advanced traceability module, and incorporate its functions for complete control of raw materials and finished product.

In this way we measure the actual consumption and production of any process in order to calculate raw material yields, obtain the actual pallets manufactured and know our stock in real time.

Control of operators and external operations

Operator control functions

Control of operators and external operations

  • Creation of manual operator tasks by location or order.
  • Allocation of hours dedicated to external machine operations.
  • Control of tasks with or without associated production order.
  • Complete and paperless recording of all manual operations.

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