MES system and process control
in the packaging industry 4.0

Control in real time the traceability of stocks and quality with the MES system for the packaging industry 4.0.

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The packaging industry has an unquestionable importance in the process of transporting and preserving products and requires an MES system to control its processes.

Not only that, but according to several studies, it can make up to 2 out of 3 consumers decide to buy that product and can be decisive for 41% of consumers to consume the product again.

The MES system Doeet proposes a series of aids for packaging companies to achieve maximizing your efficiency, achieving productivity gains for the packaging industry thanks to the application of the SMED system and controlling the costs of the process thanks to the reduction of quality failures that this entails.

Thanks to the traceability achieved by this system, it generates great advantages in terms of control of waste and scrap produced and, therefore, inventory management.

The problems of the packaging industry
that we solved with the doeet MES system.

  • Difficult inventory management due to the variability of supply and demand in the market.
  • Product quality failures due to errors with bad molds and tooling.
  • Lower productivity due to high machine setup times.
  • Complicated traceability management caused by an antiquated plant control system.
  • Production cost mismatches due to lack of time, process and quality control.

MES system for packaging industry 4.0

Advantages of doeet in the packaging industry 4.0

OEE CalculationProductivity improvement through OEE indicators.

Registration and control of molds, dies and tooling.

SMED system to improve product changeover time.

Accurate and timely quality controls.

Our solutions for packaging industry 4.0

MES system and productivity in the packaging industry

  • SMED system application to reduce machine changeover times
  • Comparative graphs between actual and theoretical expected productivity.
  • Visual indicators in the application on speeds, times and associated production.
  • Use of KPIs to indicate the expected and actual productivity for the packaging industry.
MES system for packaging industry 4.0

Inventory management

Consumption control in doeet

  • Real-time inventory visualization through the application.
  • Control of raw materials received.
  • Waste, scrap and units produced counter for each machine.
  • Proposal of raw materials and batches consumption.

Quality controls

  • Effective quality controls at the machine.
  • Exhaustive control of molds and tooling to prevent errors due to poor condition.
  • Registration of the quality standards required for raw materials and finished and semi-finished products.
  • Forecast of quality control times and signaling with alarms in case of failure.

Productivity for the packaging industry

MES system with 360º traceability

MES system for packaging industry 4.0

  • Registration and identification of incoming raw materials.
  • Identification of the processes to be followed by the products.
  • Real-time visualization of the status and location of the products.
  • Full integration with the ERP and automatic loading of the order book from the ERP.

Packaging companies improving their productivity with doeet


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