MES system for
ceramic industry 4.0

Control traceability and material waste in real time with the MES system for ceramic Industry 4.0 .

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The ceramic industry 4.0 presents great challenges when it comes to managing production times, order delivery times, correctly managing the control and tracking of ordered materials, as well as keeping good traceability of these.

These aspects make it difficult for companies in the sector to gain a competitive advantage and consolidate, and for the ceramic industry to improve productivity.

The doeet MES system in the ceramics industry is an optimal solution to these challenges, providing real-time control of traceability and productivity, as well as detailed tracking of materials that optimizes their correct use and greatly reduces waste.

Doeet makes it possible to monitor operations and production times in real time, analyze stoppages and implement organizational improvements, reducing the times and deadlines requested by the customer.

The problems of the ceramic industry
that we solved with the doeet MES system.

  • Lost production time resulting in delays due to poor scheduling and production planning.
  • Low productivity of the operating lines due to inefficient use and waste of production materials generated by the lack of control and follow-up.
  • Difficulty in obtaining and managing complete traceability of the materials used in the production process.
  • Problems with low quality and detection times in the products manufactured due to inefficient use of resources.
  • Lack of control of the cost associated with energy consumption, generally in furnaces.

MES system for ceramic industry 4.0

Advantages of doeet in ceramic Industry 4.0

Complete traceability of each item and inventory of materials.

Effective and timely quality controls to avoid defects and scrap.

Real-time monitoring and analysis of production performance.

Calculation of energy consumption per production order.

Our solutions for ceramic Industry 4.0

360º Traceability

  • Printing of labels with relevant information about the production process of the product.
  • Integration with the ERP that allows a complete update in real time of the realized consumptions.
  • Generation of an indicator record of the machines or processes through which a product has passed and/or will pass.
  • Real-time display of the status of the production order.
MES system for ceramic industry 4.0

Productivity and production control

doeet production report

  • Control of the actual production processes from the arrival of raw materials to the shipment of finished products.
  • Control of line productivity, downtime, speed, etc. measured by KPIs.
  • Comparison of productivity between different shifts, operators, raw materials, days.
  • Economic calculation of losses associated with productivity losses (OEE) produced.

Quality controls

  • Performing quality controls and checklists by the user on a touch-screen terminal.
  • Recording of quality parameters associated with production.
  • Visual alarms in quality controls outside the tolerance range.
  • Record of historical quality records for comparison purposes.

MES system for ceramic industry 4.0

Energy Consumption

MES system for ceramic industry 4.0

  • Real-time electricity or gas consumption control associated to a meter.
  • Automatic generation of the resulting economic cost based on consumption.
  • Detailed analysis by manufacturing order with consumption for each energy recorded and broken down by manufacturing order and/or item.
  • Cost comparison between manufacturing shifts.

Ceramic sector companies improving their productivity with doeet


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