Energy consumption

Control the energy consumption and costs in production, globally and by-products, and know and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Control your energy consumption

Track all energy consumed in production, globally, by machine or by reference, and calculate the cost generated and CO2 emissions.

The doeet Energy Consumption module allows you to separately control any type of energy: electricity, gas, coal or renewables.

Reduce your energy bill

Add an energy consumption and indicate its cost per unit (m3 of gas, hydrocarbons, kilograms of coal) and its conversion factor to KWh. Doeet uses this data in its calculations of production energy costs.

The energy consumption report shows in different graphs the energy consumption and its cost per machine, per day or type of energy, to know and analyze your consumption to be able to reduce it.

Set alarms to warn of unusual consumption peaks or consumption in non-operational machines.

Energy consumption graph

Energy consumed per machine or per reference

The energy consumed report shows the energy consumed in KWh for each machine or reference, the type of energy and its economic cost. Know the units manufactured with each consumption and the CO2 generated when producing them.

We can filter a machine or a specific period to go deeper into the detail of each energy consumption.

Your energy consumption in real-time graphs

Control each counter, the total consumption, the hours of consumption, the CO2 factor or its cost in real-time.

The graphs of total energy consumption, by type of energy, total consumption in kWh or its cost per hour are constantly updated with the latest data calculated by the system.

Configure your power system

Start by adding the consumptions to the system and then assign them to the machines. We must indicate, for each consumption, the unit of measurement (KWh, m3 of gas, hydrocarbons or coal) and other parameters, such as its economic cost or the carbon footprint generated.

Reduce your carbon footprint to be a sustainable company

Indicate the CO2 factor of each consumption if you want to know the carbon footprint generated by each product manufactured or your entire organization.

The control and reduction of CO2 allow you to access the ISO 14064 and 14067 certifications on Organizational and Product Carbon Footprint, a competitive factor valued by customers and Administration, and also in exports.

Control of energy consumption in an electrical room

Advantages of Energy Consumption Control

Know the energy consumed by each item you produce.

Analyze the cost of each type of energy and its effect on total production costs.

Avoid energy costs not associated with production.

Control your carbon footprint and comply with environmental sustainability requirements.

Functions of Energy Consumption Control

Energy consumption

  • Recording of energy consumed globally, per line and per item.
  • Calculation of the energy cost for each type of energy.
  • Generation of energy consumption reports.
  • Calculation of the Carbon Footprint CO2 generated.
  • Activation of alarms for excessive or unscheduled consumption.

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