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“We have reduced changeover stoppages and increased our productivity.” Jaime Pomares from Gestiriego

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Reduction of stoppages due to format change. Jaime Pomares from Gestiriego
Jaime Pomares explaining to an operator the functions of the doeet terminal.

Mr. Jaime Pomares, Director of Operations at Gestiriego, tells us how with doeet OEE MES they have identified and reduced downtime due to format changeovers, adjusted format changeover times and reduced quality problems thanks to the checklists completed by the operators.

The data link with your ERP allows you to communicate all production parameters to the plant automatically.

Reduction of downtime due to format change. Gestiriego

Reduction of stoppages due to format change. Jaime Pomares from Gestiriego

Due to the current market situation and its constant fluctuations, we perceive that orders are becoming smaller and smaller and with a greater variety of items. As time went by, these items began to be a problem at the production level, as downtime and format changes increased exponentially.

We needed to measure our productivity quickly and easily in order to have our production processes under control. We contacted IPYC (Ingenieros de Calidad y Producción) and they presented us with a software developed by them called doeet OEE MES.

Right now, by having our production digitalized we have in real time all the information of our machines; we control the 3 main KPI’s (Machine Availability or Running Degree, the Cadence or Performance and the Quality).

Having identified the reasons for stoppages, we have been able to refer them to the corresponding department for immediate solution; we have reduced them as much as possible. Some of the examples may be:

Operator’s checklist at the doeet terminal
Reduction of downtime due to format changeover. Checklist for checking the operator terminal.

Shutdowns due to format change

We had established a theoretical time frame for format changes, and with the use of doeet OEE MONTH we were able to identify that we exceeded them in most cases.


Preventive Maintenance Tasks were not carried out with the established frequency, so when analyzing the machine stoppages due to breakdowns, we detected that our need was to focus on preventive maintenance, since this would considerably reduce corrective maintenance.

Causes of Unemployment Top 10
Graph of shutdowns in the Availability report

Pharmaceutical Industry quality

Product quality problems: We were able to reduce quality problems by identifying their causes in. doeet OEE MES.

We also incorporate check-lists with frequency alarms so that operators can perform all the necessary checks on the manufacturing process.

Another point that makes management much easier for us is the data link with our ERP, since there is an automatic transfer of all the parameters from doeet OEE MES to the ERP.

With doeet OEE MES we have been able to increase our productivity and greatly reduce our costs.

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