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“We can apply SMED improvements with availability, downtime and downtime data.”

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With availability, downtime and downtime data we can attack with SMED improvements. Carlos Rius of Cellofix

“We can apply SMED improvements with availability and downtime data.” Cellofix’s operations manager, Carlos Rius, kindly responded to our request to tell us about his experience with the doeet system and the advantages he gained from using it on his manufacturing lines.

We have recently completed the implementation of doeet at Cellofix, a company dedicated to the manufacture and export of packaging tapes, protective films and aluminum foil.


Their comments are transcribed below. Once again, we thank you for your time and selfless collaboration:

Carlos Rius of Cellofix

I will pass on my comments on the doeet system.

It is a great tool which cannot be missing in any company that wants to improve and become more and more competitive, due to the cost policy in which we currently find ourselves.

As main advantages, I would highlight:


Real-time information on units manufactured per machine, per shift and per operator.

Chart doeet of units manufactured by reference
Chart doeet of units manufactured by reference


Information on machine availability, manufacturing times, reasons for downtime and idle times, which allows us to see our points of improvement and to be able to attack these points with SMED or improvements in supplies.

Pharmaceutical Industry quality

It allows us to collect the necessary data from the quality walls implemented in the production lines, such as having information on wastage and scrap, as well as data collection for ISO.

All this without the operator having to fill out any paper reports, as the trend is for paper to disappear.

Doeet chart of scrap causes
Unit doeet chart by cause of Scrap

Strategic plan to implement SMED improvements

It allows us to open a wide range of KPI’s and improvement points according to our needs.

Finally, the software is very intuitive and has a nice and simple interface that combines data with graphs in a very visual and simple way.

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