Control of Manual Works

Assign manual tasks to your cells and teams, and get your manual job monitoring, their status and performance.

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Monitor the manual works control in real time

The manual cell records the status of tasks and assigned operators in real-time. This way we can know if there are operators in pause, the speed of each one or the order they are currently working on.

By combining the Visual Factory module with the Manual Works Monitoring module, we can know the status of each cell and its tasks using coloured visual indicators.

Automatically record units produced and shutdowns

We can incorporate signals such as the count of units manufactured on the work or sorting tables.

In this way, in addition to counting the units automatically, doeet detects when the operator is in production or at a standstill, without the need for imputation.

Record the activity of your operators

The doeet manual cell keeps a detailed record of all jobs performed by each operator, including the quantity and quality of the parts produced, the start and end time, and the hours and time of stoppages that have occurred.

Know the efficiency of each operator

Doeet not only records the time spent by an operator on a given manual task but also measures its speed of completion, its causes of stoppage and the quality achieved.

Control of Manual Works

Advantages of the Manual Works Monitoring

Create integrated manual work orders in a single system.

Assign manual orders to cells and work groups.

Get in detail the productivity of each operator and cell.

Incorporate signals into your posts to automate the process.

Add more modules and functions to your manual workstations.

Add more functions to your manual works

Add other doeet functions to the manual cell tasks such as quality controls, manufacturing guides, documentation, low-speed warnings or visual factory access.

The operator can carry the terminal with him at all times and access the functions of any of the doeet extension modules.

Manual Job Monitoring. Quality control at the operator terminal

Functions of Manual Works Monitoring

Control of Manual Works

  • Creation of cells and manual work teams.
  • Registration and assignment of manual tasks to cells and operators.
  • Calculation of the speed and performance of each operator’s activities.
  • Recording of manual work stoppages and their causes.
  • Real-time control of consumption and production of the cells.
  • Display of the status of the manual orders in real time.

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