Documentary management

Link text or multimedia files to orders, machines and items and facilitate document management to the operators.

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Link documents to orders, machines or items

Select the order, machine or item to which you want to attach a document, access the file drop-down menu and indicate the local or internet path where the document is located.

Indicate an expiration date to set a deadline by which the file will be available. We can associate documents with final, consumed or processed items.

Eliminate paperwork in the factory and avoid errors

Companies and organizations generate a large number of documents, electronic or paper, related to production. Our document management system allows documents to be distributed quickly and efficiently to each operator or machine and avoids errors due to erroneous or obsolete documentation.

Version control distributes the most current version of each document. We can lock the file so that no one can make changes without the proper permissions.

Document management at the operator terminal

Accessible from the operator terminal

Facilitate the communication and consultation of documentation by the operators at all times. The operator can consult from the terminal in the plant or any mobile device the documents required for the performance of his task.

The system has a reading log that adds a mark to the documents to know if they have been read.

Link text, photos and multimedia

The doeet document management system allows you to associate files of any format with production: PDF manuals, JPG or PNG photographs, videos or multimedia presentations. A specific viewer will display the document on the screen or the operator’s HMI.

Advantages of Document Management

Avoid the loss of documentation by integrating it into a single system.

Unify all documents and avoid wasting time searching for them.

Establish a secure and certified document lifecycle.

Allow access control and document security.

Eliminate paper consumption in the production plant.

Document management functions

Documentary management

  • Uploading all types of documents to the system.
  • Association of any type of document or format (PDF, photos, texts, videos).
  • Association of documents to orders, machines or references.
  • Display of documents on the operator’s HMI.
  • Document version control.

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