MOM System: Solutions in
production management

The MOM system and its production management solutions provide a global view of manufacturing and its operational areas.

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MES and OEE systems have evolved in flexibility to interface with other information systems. A MOM system is a basis for collecting data from all systems and technologies in the company and creating a comprehensive digitization project.

The capability of the MOM doeet system in Operations Management enables communication with the operational areas of the value chain, such as maintenance, planning, warehouse or quality. Doeet links to other software used in the company as well as to peripheral elements or devices for quality control (scales, scanners, artificial vision) to create warehouses or visual factories, and to visualize, in a simple way, the efficiency in production or warehouse stock in real-time.

And all linked to the company’s ERP in a bidirectional way.

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MOM system integrated with ERP

Connectable to ERP, WMS, Web Services systems

Unifying management ensures a single, centralized and reliable source of data and avoids duplication and errors.

The MOM doeet system integrates securely with your ERP system, with your WMS warehouse management and with external applications using XML, JSON or Web Services technologies.

Microsoft Dynamics

Production planning with the order sequencer

Manufacturing line sequencer

Organize the order queue of each of the machines and lines in the factory plant with the doeet Order Sequencer. Modify the sequence of jobs, change the status of orders from launched to scheduled, and check which orders are in production now.

The doeet sequencer adapts to all types of lane models or manufacturing lines, such as fruit sorting and packing in the food industry. Its interactive drag-and-drop interface allows the production order to be dragged directly to the appropriate lane or line.