Traceability and productivity for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry

Control ripening dates, control your production and improve your productivity for the fruit and vegetable industry.

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The problems of the Fruit and Vegetable Industry
we solve with doeet

  • They do not know in real time the batches of raw materials used in the production of the products.
  • It is very complex to obtain batch information used to manage customer nonconformities and cross-reference that information with supplier batches.
  • The weights of the packaging machines are not connected to the production order to trigger alarms or warnings when the established weights are not met.
  • A lot of quality and traceability information still exists on paper and it is a lot of rework to enter it back into the ERP or DB.
  • It is very complex to know the processing productivity by individual operators in order to generate an incentive program.


Our productivity solutions
for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry

Forward and backward traceability

  • It records all the information of the raw material received and prints identification labels including the location of the lot received in the warehouse.
  • Knows and identifies by means of a label, all traceability information associated with each entry or exit of product: harvest date, field and plot of origin, identification of the trip, item reference, etc.
  • Associates batches of fruits and vegetables to each order for preparation and packaging. Automatic consumption recording of each batch by barcode scanning, QR, RFID, etc.
  • Visual warehouse with real-time stock control and ripening status by color legend.
  • Cold storage to guarantee FIFO/ LIFO.
Productivity for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry. Picking with advanced traceability
Productivity for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry. OEE Performance Report

Yield and productivity calculation for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry

  • It compares the kilos received from the field with the kilos packaged as final product.
  • Know the performance in real time for each package.
  • It calculates the process shrinkage at each stage and records the kg imputed.
  • Analyzes the % of water in the products thanks to weight recording from the beginning to the end of the production process.

Advantages of doeet in the Fruit and Vegetable Industry

Identification of each product at reception.

Validation of raw material weight and quality.

Traceability control of semi-finished and finished products.

Real-time monitoring of sizing, processing and packaging.

Fruit and vegetable production control

  • It records the kilos produced and packed of each product in real time.
  • It controls the calibers associated with each reference and registers their stoppages/breaks.
  • Plan jobs based on target performance.
  • Analyzes the downtime and running times of: calibrating machines, packaging machines, cleaning tunnels, netting machines, etc.

Productivity for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry. Label printing

Productivity for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry. OEE indicators

Productivity calculation and control

  • Know in real time the productivity of the packaging/bundling lines, the kg/h processed and the result of the final palletized product.
  • It controls the kilos packed by each operator and the total quantity produced per work table.
  • Analyzes the productivity per operator and its speed, traced to the packaging and to the processed package format.
  • Performs product quality controls both in reception and in the packaging lines.



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