doeet is scalable and customizable with optional modules and specific functions, so that the implementation of the MES system adapts to your company and your industry.

Customizable to your needs

Your company has its own challenges and issues, with different circumstances, so a comprehensive OEE MES and MOM system such as doeet requires a customized implementation.

Standard functions

doeet has predefined reports for productivity and production control, operator HMI terminals and other functionalities commonly used in the industry.

The doeet modules extend the system’s functions in specific areas such as Traceability, Costs, or Quality Control.

Customizable functions

doeet can be configured to modify or extend its potential and appearance.

This way we can adapt 100% to your casuistry and your needs, reviewing with you the amount and type of data to be displayed in the reports and on the operators’ terminals.

Specific functions

By communicating with the company’s ERP, or with a customized WMS, the information flows in the same direction, to achieve total control of the processes, whether associated with the machine or outside its scope(warehouse management, traceability, quality controls in laboratories, etc.).

Expandable MES system with specialized modules

MES ERP Integration

Order sequencer

Quality control

Pharmaceutical Industry traceability

Advanced Traceability

Analytical costs

Visual factory

CMMS maintenance

Manufacturing parameters

Energy consumption

Control of manual works
External operations

Good Manufacturing Practice

Documentary management

Molds and tooling control


We connect to all machines

doeet as an MES system adapts to any scenario. We capture data from existing PLC’s through MODBUS TCP/IP or OPC Server connections. When this is not possible, we connect external PLC’s to obtain the electrical signals directly from the machines.
We can collect the internal alarms of the machines themselves that will determine the causes of stoppages automatically, self-justifying them without the need for operator intervention.

“We connect through external PLC’s, directly to machine, to an existing data capture network, to scales and machine vision systems.”

Implementation of MES system. Siemens
Implementation of MES system. Omron
Implementation of MES system. Phoenix Contact

And with any ERP

MES system connectable to ERP, WMS, Web Services systems

Unifying management ensures a single, centralized and reliable source of data and avoids duplication and errors.

The MOM doeet system is securely integrated with your ERP system, with your WMS warehouse management and with external applications using XML, JSON or Web Services technologies.

Implementation of MES system. SAP
Implementation of MES system. sage
Implementation of MES system. Oracle
Implementation of MES system. Microsoft Dynamics

Let’s go step by step

Installation phases

The installation of the doeet system is structured in different phases, from the initial analysis and definition of objectives to the installation and connection of the entire data reception system. One of our technicians will accompany you in each phase of the implementation process.

We start with a standard installation of the doeet system, and then implement optional modules and specific function developments. You can install and test the doeet system in one part of your production and then expand to other lines or add new functions later.


Definition of objectives

The first step is to prepare the Technical Report of the project, with the help of our technicians specialized in Industrial Organization. In this phase we specify the milestones to be measured and define in detail each level of the project: data capture network, HMI terminals, servers, and also those responsible at the organizational level.

The implementation team has a doeet Project Manager, who coordinates all the work and supervises with the company (or its suppliers) the aspects related to the doeet project. The company designates a person responsible for the planning and management of the work, who must provide access to the departments and documentation necessary for the implementation.


System installation

doeet collects the necessary data from the machines to control production. In this phase we connect and obtain the necessary signals and send them via an Ethernet network to the server where the doeet calculation engine is installed.

We also install the HMI terminals for the interaction and use of the doeet at the machine: justification of stoppages, manufacturing orders, scrap allocation and others.


MES system implementation and customization

After collecting the data on site, doeet performs the necessary calculations on the server and represents them with graphs and data in doeet reports. In this phase we customize the system options and make, together with the company manager, the necessary adjustments to achieve the exact calculation of the status of your production from the data obtained.

We also install optional modules and test project-specific enhancements and developments. At this moment you already have your doeet system fully functional, with all your modules and functionalities.



After the implementation of doeet, we can train your company’s technicians, production managers and plant managers, through a specialized Lean Management consultancy, so that they are able to quickly detect productivity problems, establish corrective actions and verify the improvements obtained.

The Productivity Committee to be appointed must be able to implement the necessary structural changes in your company, the Master Plan, through an improvement model based on Lean Manufacturing, and ensure that the changes and improvements are sustained over time.

Implemented by experts in Industrial Organization

doeet has been conceived as an intensive improvement tool for company management and technical staff to analyze and increase productivity in order to reduce costs and be more competitive in the market.

The implementation of doeet is managed by expert consultants in Industrial Organization who will guarantee a fast, efficient and goal-oriented implementation of the system.

Implementation of MES system

Get to know the OEE reports included in doeet