Doeet Productivity Reports

Productivity Reports

doeet productivity reports, designed by experts in Industrial Organization and Lean Manufacturing, allow you to go from a general analysis to a particular detail in just a few clicks.

OEE Productivity Reports

Analyze your production with international productivity KPIs

Productivity Reports

doeet allows you to analyze your production information based on international productivity metrics: OEE, availability, performance and quality.

You can customize and filter OEE report data by line, reference, order or shift to drill down into the causes of lost productivity.

Get to know the OEE reports included in doeet

Extend your productivity reports with optional modules

And reach your production potential

The doeet modules cover specific Production needs, expanding the possibilities of the system and facilitating the processing of operations and information in different areas such as Traceability Control, Maintenance management, etc.
The doeet modules are designed to be adapted and incorporated into the company at the desired time, either at the time of implementation or at a later stage, when the system implementation is consolidated.

Real-time doeet panel

Real Time Panel

Doeet Quality Control Report

Quality Reports

Doeet Traceability Report

Traceability Reports

OEE report by group

Editable and customizable reports

Tailored to your needs

If the standard reports of the doeet system are not enough for you, we can create the customized reports you need.

But we also give you the opportunity to modify or create your own reports. At no additional cost.

doeet Productivity Report Filters

Intelligent productivity reports

Only the data you need at any given moment

doeet ‘s Dynamic Filter allows you to combine up to 15 different search criteria (Machine, Operator, Production Order, Raw Material, etc…) to analyze down to the smallest detail.

The information is automatically recalculated in each report based on the search criteria, which avoids the cumbersome task of having individual reports for each criterion or period.