Solve your production problems with intelligence

doeet makes the digital factory a reality

The intelligent data processing of the digital factory anticipates production stops and predicts quality defects in the manufactured product by analyzing all recorded variables.

The intelligent analysis of production data(Smart Factory or Digital Factory) is essential to achieve an early detection of errors or failures in the manufacturing process. The functional analysis of the historical Big Data performed by doeet allows to establish an intelligent Problem Solving mechanism.

The doeet system has been selected by the European Union (University of Milan) for the implementation of Big Data solutions in Spain due to its track record and experience in the industrial environment using the platform’s technologies.

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Trust your data

Smart Factory

The data that matters

doeet incorporates Smart Factory and Big Data systems applied to manufacturing. doeet is capable of processing thousands of production data such as variables, alarms, counters, status.

doeet is the solution in highly robotized environments where we want to analyze at the level of production variables, but without saturating with data that is not necessary to process.

Anticipate problems

The intelligent doeet system is able to anticipate quality problems or machine and line stoppages before they occur. The system processes hundreds of machine signals and detects patterns that can cause problems.

Industrial digitalization and the massive treatment of process variables help us to understand the causes of deviations in quality standards and undesired line stoppages.

Your data in context

Different production data are sometimes stored in different systems and formats, so it is difficult to know the set of parameters that cause a problem.

doeet collects and relates all this data together so that we can analyze when it is a particular set of values that causes failures or defects.