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“With doeet, we were able to detect the causes of stoppages, breakdowns and improve OEE.” Agustin Delgado from Hegahogar

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With doeet we were able to detect the causes of stoppages. Agustín Delgado from Hegahogar

In order to detect the causes of stoppages and production losses in our production process, we chose to digitalize the production by means of a MES Data Collection System.

Hegahogar manufactures plastic injected parts and, as in many others, there were a large number of machine stoppages, the causes of which were unknown in most cases.

Detect the causes of stoppages. Doeet graph of stoppage groups per shift
Doeet Chart of Unemployment Groups per Shift

We met doeet and it was clear to us, it was the tool we needed to control our production. We saw that the main advantage offered by this software was that we had all the information in Real Time, with reports that we could analyze in multiple ways and it also calculated the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of our machines.

Shortly after the tool was installed, we were able to identify our main reasons for downtime: format changes, cleaning and breakdowns.

With doeet, we were able to detect the main causes of downtime: format changes, cleaning and breakdowns.

By analyzing the OEE values and the KPI’s that compose it on a weekly basis, we realized that we had an opportunity to greatly increase our productivity. We set weekly objectives, and we monitor them on a daily basis, since obtaining the values of the indicators is very easy with doeet.

During the implementation phase, doeet’s management provided us with a Technical Expert in Industrial Organization and Lean Manufacturing who helped us to identify our performance losses and to solve them in the shortest possible time.

His recommendation was to apply Lean Manufacturing tools to reduce our machine downtime. Specifically, the techniques to be applied were:

5 S’s

To have more organized spaces, avoid wasting time searching for materials and tools, and greatly reduce cleaning times.


To always have the equipment available when required for production and in perfect condition. Integrating a Preventive Maintenance system.


Standardize mold changes, identifying each of the tasks to be performed and optimizing the time for each of them to the maximum.

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