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“We can detect causes of scrap and know machine downtime and performance.” Hega Hogar

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Detect causes of scrap, downtime and performance. Hega Home

When we detected the causes of scrap and production losses in our production process, we decided to digitalize the production by means of a M.E.S. Data Collection system.

In our company Hega Hogar, plastic injected parts are made and as in many others there were machine stoppages, which in most cases the causes were unknown.

We got to know doeet, and found it a very useful tool to know the real state of our plant’s productivity.


After a period of implementation, in which both our company and our customers IPYCresources were invested, the necessary resources were invested, it was achieved that doeet would currently become an instrument that allows us to know the reason for machine stoppages, machine performance and the number and cause of Scraps. (Defective Parts) in addition to obtaining information on what is happening with each of our production orders.

At the moment doeet is a very important part of our production management and works in an integrated way with our ERP and our production planner.

“By being able to analyze OEE values and the KPIs that make it up on a weekly basis, we can detect causes of scrap, downtime and yield, and make decisions to improve our productivity by attacking the main causes of non-productivity.”

During the implementation phase, doeet’s management provided us with programmers who adapted doeet to our needs, as well as a Technical Expert in Industrial Organization who, together with our staff (IT engineers and production engineers and technicians), worked in a coordinated manner.

doeet led to a change in our organization that involved all the production department staff, making it known that the information on what is happening and has happened in the plant is a key tool for decision making and that the only way to manage this volume of information is by digitally processing it.

Currently, all members of the production team have their share of work in this new context.

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