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“By measuring plant data in real time, we are more productive in our decision making.” Taghleef Industries

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By measuring plant data in real time, we are more productive in our decision making. Taghleef Industries

Measuring plant data in real time in our production process is critical, because we have a lot of machine downtime due to the way our product is manufactured.”

Taghleef Industries is a multinational company specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of films for the Graphic Arts industry. We recently spoke with their Industrial Director, Augusto Castillo, about the improvements obtained by implementing the doeet OEE MES system for production and productivity control in their industry.

For this reason, we decided to go for Industry 4.0 and implement it in our machines. We got to know doeet OEE MES and found it to be a tool that met all our expectations. Now we can have real-time information from the machines and act on it immediately.

Measuring plant data in an automated way and in real time helps us to remain much more productive in decision making.


We now have all our machine stops completely identified. As a result, we have been able to increase our machine availability by 30% since installing doeet OEE MES. This is a great improvement for us, considering that format changes are sometimes performed every 5 minutes.

Real-time production doeet panel
Real-time doeet panel

We have optimized start-up times from 20 minutes to 5 minutes. Currently, this has resulted in a 75% improvement in machine start-ups, increasing our productivity significantly.

Shift and format changes

Relaying operators between shifts also took a great deal of time, when in fact this time should be minimal. We now perform these relays in less than 5 minutes.

Based on the recommendations we received from doeet OEE MES ‘s Industrial Organization technicians during system start-up, we have standardized the changeovers of mudada and coils, reducing this time considerably.

Link to ERP and real-time plant data

We are currently in the process of linking our ERP with doeet OEE MES in order to integrate our production and management processes. In this way we will avoid wasting time, the use of unnecessary resources in terms of personnel and, above all, we will eliminate human error.

What we are going to achieve with this integration is that doeet OEE MES returns in real time all production data, such as: start-up and shutdown times, non-operating times, materials consumed, units manufactured and process scrap.

doeet integrates MES and ERP systems

Production reports with real-time plant data

doeet OEE MES has a very detailed Production Reporting system, in which we can view the information in multiple different ways, according to the needs of the Production Manager. The filters available in the software allow us to analyze all production data accurately.

Having a screen where we can visualize the status of the machines in real time allows us to act immediately in the event of any problem that may arise in the plant.

Production doeet reports
Production doeet reports

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