4.0 Industry

Industry 4.0

Manufacturing Intelligence

The Manufacturing operations management is the basis of any industry, and so the first step to get a factory intelligent or Industry 4.0. The factories that have completely computerized production processes are better prepared to respond quickly to changes in the market.

The digitalization of production and manufacturing Areas allows to optimize productivity through the analysis of data from Availability, Performance and Quality present in the reports doeet®, for greater efficiency, flexibility and a reduction in time-to-market, satisfying customers more efficiently and quickly (Manufacturing Intelligence).

The Big Data allows massive accumulation of data and its intelligent real-time analysis, providing valuable information for decision-making, Optimizing processes and increasing business intelligence (Business Intelligence).

Integration between systems

Until recently, many of those systems digital developed for the industry were systems closed, and they lacked capability of configuration and the flexibility to adapt to changing business and market needs. All of them allowed to manage the processes efficient but isolated. The different systems nor interoperaban among themselves in time real.

The new technological solutions as doeet® facilitate the intercom between the systems of management and the plants of manufacturing in time real. doeet® allows the integration with leading ERP of the market. It is what is known as interoperability of systems, that it is allowing to multiply the volume of information that is analyzed and correlated in real time.

doeet® en el movil

In real time, anywhere

Mobile technologies and new interfaces Human-machine, They allow to consume information from different systems, displaying it on plant in devices such as tablets, devices mobile and all type of screens. doeet® It is built on the most advanced web standards that allow us to access to the required information from anywhere and device.

Competitiveness is extreme, so making agile decision-making and in real time is essential. Have the necessary enablers that allow it becomes key factor in the Industry 4.0.

“In some areas we are going to reach traceability per unit of packaging”

Loteadora trazabilidad

doeet®, the integral digital enabler

Tiempo real doeet® en TV

Enabling digital are the technological tools that have the ability to promote the digital transformation of the Spanish industry. Traditionally the digital industry enablers were in the automation pyramid:

  • Sensors and actuators
  • Supervision and plant data acquisition systems (M.E.S.)
  • Manufacturing execution systems
  • Management and business planning systems

All of them allowed to manage the processes efficient but isolated.

Floor data capture

Sensors, robots, and even human, produce interchangeable information between systems, facilitating collaboration between own machines, and between people and machines. New mobile and wireless connections, as well as the emergence of cloud computing, They allow to exchange the information produced in these systems, until recently little isolated, In addition to virtualizing the workspace through platforms Industry 4.0 enabling collaboration in real time as doeet®.

doeet® It captures the production data directly from machines (M.E.S.) and it sends them to the server where you can consult their status in real time from any device.

This information is not already within the walls of the factory, but it can be shared in real time with the rest of the industry value chain, Optimizing capabilities of each element of the chain and generating new services and business models based on the value of information.