What is doeet®

Control de la Productividad

doeet® monitor in real time all the activity of their machines and creates a record of the stops, actual speed, units real, equipment, orders and other variables involved in the production and compares them with their objective values.

controls and registers all the consumptions, waste, Scrap, greasing, Quality controls, controls parameters, ensuring the traceability of production.

With this information doeet® It produces reports with graphics and data that can see and analyze the current state of your production, and take the necessary measures for its improvement.

Objectives and real-time data

Information of the machine

doeet® you get all the information possible machine taking advantage of systems that have already integrated. If this not is possible, put different sensors or drivers of signal external, It centralized information on PLC cards.

With this system already have monitored all the data of the machine. These elements are data capture in plant (MONTH) System doeet®.

Information of the operator

Knowing what operator is in the machine, What reference goes to manufacture, or if the machine is stopped, What is the reason.

All these operations are performed from the Terminal touch doeet®, equipped with a customizable software that operator introduces the information required in a few clicks: change of shift, completion of production order, PAROS, lists of checks or checklists.

Fully customizable

With doeet® can customize the reports and screens with them logos and colors of your company. You can also create their own causes stoppages or Scrap. And save those filters to use with more assiduity.

In addition the Developer of reports It allows you to create completely custom reports with data and graphics that you want to. And design the operator terminal on ground, to make it easier and faster to enter the information that is required to.

Informe doeet Comparativo de Turnos

Business Intelligence

doeet® It is essential to have all the information for decision-making.