Success stories

“We can apply SMED improvements with availability, downtime and downtime data.”

“We can apply SMED improvements with availability and downtime data.” Cellofix’s operations manager, Carlos Rius, kindly responded to our request to tell us about his experience with the doeet system and the advantages he gained from using it on his manufacturing lines.

We have recently completed the implementation of doeet at Cellofix, a company dedicated to the manufacture and export of packaging tapes, protective films and aluminum foil.

Success stories

“We were able to learn the reason for the stoppage quickly and avoid major losses.” Antonio Gómez of Camacho Recycling

Camacho Recycling, a company dedicated to the sustainable management of glass waste, has opted for doeet to know the reason for stoppage and to control the Production and Productivity in its plant. We spoke with its Production Director, Mr. Antonio Gómez.

“By working with the doeet tool and analyzing our data at the productivity level, we observe that the overall efficiency indicator, OEE, is fundamental to know how we are working.”

Success stories

“We have reduced changeover stoppages and increased our productivity.” Jaime Pomares from Gestiriego

Mr. Jaime Pomares, Director of Operations at Gestiriego, tells us how with doeet OEE MES they have identified and reduced downtime due to format changeovers, adjusted format changeover times and reduced quality problems thanks to the checklists completed by the operators.

The data link with your ERP allows you to communicate all production parameters to the plant automatically.

Success stories

“By measuring plant data in real time, we are more productive in our decision making.” Taghleef Industries

“Measuring plant data in real time in our production process is critical, because we have a lot of machine downtime due to the way our product is manufactured.”

Taghleef Industries is a multinational company specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of films for the Graphic Arts industry. We recently spoke with their Industrial Director, Augusto Castillo, about the improvements obtained by implementing the doeet OEE MES system for production and productivity control in their industry.

Success stories

“We have been able to detect problems in production and solve them with the MES doeet system.” JMOLTÓ

Today we talk to Rubén Sanchis, IT manager of JMOLTÓ L.T. and responsible for the doeet MES implementation project in his company, with which they were able to detect and solve problems in the production plant.

JMOLTÓ L.T. located in Cocentaina (Alicante) is one of the most important companies in the textile sector in the Valencian Community that is dedicated to dyeing, printing and finishing services of fabrics, and dyeing and finishing of yarns for home and clothing.

Considering that the textile industry is one of the most traditional sectors since ever and that they are still very active, it was a challenge for our team to introduce this company into the world of Industry 4.0, digitizing their processes and helping them to improve.

Success stories

“In the production control project from the ERP the goal was to be efficient and fast in management.” Pérez Cerdá

Recently our partners nunsys have implemented the doeet system in the four thermoplastic injection molding plants of Pérez Cerdá. The implementation has been a success, and has allowed them to control their production from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system.

But let’s let the people involved tell us about the integration and the advantages of our system in their production.