doeet® Modules

Modules doeet®

The industries are constant evolution, changing and growing with time. For this reason it is essential that doeet® evolve at the same time. Complementary modules doeet® they are designed to meet the specific needs of the production, expanding the possibilities of the system and facilitating operations and treatment information in different areas such as the Control of traceability, the management of the maintenance, etc.

Modules doeet® they are designed to adapt and joining the company at the time you want, at the time of implantation, in a later stage, When the implementation of the system is bonded.


Quality and manufacturing control

Get detailed information of the Quality controls and Check List made in plant and eliminates registration papers. Create alerts and notices that the operator must.


Traceability and mass Balance

Controls the consumption and lots of the Auxiliary raw material used in the manufacture and identify the lots used in each order to control their Traceability.


Integration with ERP

The system doeet® integrates with any ERP market. doeet® collects information on the status of plant production and returns it to the ERP for its management.


Visual factory

Install in plant large screens with information relevant: States of machines them running / Unemployment, Indicators of productivity or production speeds.


Control of craftwork

Know the productivity of the work carried out in not related to machine operations. The inverted in a task hours/operator control, operators assigned, etc…


Sequencer command-line

Made of way simple the planning of them orders of manufacturing. Its touchscreen interface allows a sequence optima of the orders and changes in planning.


Document management

Send internal documents (technical data sheets, images, orders) from its ERP or MRP to the Terminal doeet® , eliminating the paperwork in plant.


Productive maintenance GMAO

commet® is a system CMMS that allows establishing a plan of maintenance optimum of machines and facilities and to analyze all the process: Troubleshooting, costs, spare parts.


doeet Cloud

Access to the reports of doeet® Analytics from anywhere, anytime. We will make a backup copy on our servers in real time.