Lean Management doeet

Lean Management doeet

Reunion doeet

At present the 90% companies have suffered a drastic change in the way in which its market demand now its products, suffering from any of these situations:

  • Ordered more small and varied
  • More news request (new references or products)
  • Most reasonable prices
  • Shorter service times
  • Highest standards of quality.

Why companies have been the forced need to bet on a change. A change allowing them to adapt to the new "rules of the game". And accurate change…

Action plan operational strategic

The Action plan operational strategic Lean Management consists of a new methodology to implement the necessary structural changes in a company by an improved model based on the Lean Manufacturing.

This new vision to avoid the common problems that are traditional deployments:

  • The tools really are not implanted.
  • It is unknown the exact degree of productivity improvement to get.
  • It is unknown the exact extent of improvement achieved.
  • Changes are not kept at the time. The Lean dies.

The Action plan operational strategic Lean Management combines the expertise of consultants Lean with more than 15 years in the world of the organization industry and the technology more advanced for the analysis of the productivity in time real (doeet®).

Grupo IPYC

Milestones that are divided into the project are:

Implantación - Diagnóstico - Mejora

Implementation of the doeet system®

The implementation of doeet® It will aim at an early stage to collect data in time real and directly from the machine to obtain existing enterprise productivity ratios. In a second phase is essential to be able to start the improvement actions defined in the Master Plan and get that the changes made can be maintained at the time by the own company.

  • Provide to the company of a system of indicators based on their KPIs and OEE
  • Provide reliable information and real-time productivity/production.
  • Provide to the company of a global system of production control.
  • Implementation of the system doeet in machines or agreed sections.
  • Obtaining the levels of productivity existing OEE
  • Detection of the causes that generate productivity or low OEE deviations:
    • High and frequent times of unemployment : Low availability
    • Speed of making slow: Under performance
    • Elevated defective units : Low quality

Diagnosis of productivity

With the implementation of doeet® shall be jointly between the company and IPYC engineers an analysis of actual levels of productivity in the machines/sections to study. This diagnosis will define clearly:

  • Actual productivity levels (OEE)
  • Direct and indirect causes that cause low levels of productivity.

Once defined the diagnosis, will proceed to carry out together with the representatives of the company the Plan of action to remedy the causes of low productivity. These actions will be included in the Master Plan defining:

  • Preparation of the analytical diagnosis with data obtained with doeet®.
  • Definition of the critical points.
  • Realization of the Master Plan to correct the deviations and improve productivity (OEE)
Instalación de doeet con terminal

Map of future value chain

  • Is set visually the objectives to achieve, planned strategically depending on the interests of the company oriented to eliminate those aspects that make our processes inefficient.

Plan of actions

Actions to be carried out to achieve the objectives.

  • These actions are framed within the tools read.
  • Definition of actions aimed, planning them in time and assignment of responsible for execution.
  • Scorecard by area/process and general control panel. Control of indicators with doeet®.
  • Necessary training plans

Monitoring and improvement actions

Once the implementation of the system doeet® the immediate goal is to set up the Master Plan, to do this it is essential to having a meeting point where all the departments involved (address, production, maintenance, shopping, etc.) they can analyze the problems and define actions for resolution.

To do this Group IPYC will create the Committee of productivity, a place where together with a consultant specialized in Industrial Organization and read will be analyzed with the system doeet the information and the problems of plant, and is will be the monitoring of the actions defined in the Master Plan:

  • Study of the indicator, OEE and KPI’s
  • Detection, analysis and solutions of the deviations
  • Analysis and proposal of actions to improve productivity.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the Plan of action.
  • Training in the application deep of the platform doeet®.

Reunion doeet

The objective of the creation of the Committee of productivity and the Monitoring It is the provide the initial inertia required principal to get the Organization accelerate the mechanisms of improving productivity.

Starting from the meetings of the Committee of productivity and guiding it by the Master Plan the company will begin to implement the actions identified LEAN for the improvement of productivity. For the planning and execution of these actions the company can count with the support of the expert in Group IPYC Lean Manufacturing consultants, that it will be ad-hoc all the necessary work to put it up,

The support to be provided by IPYC will be adjusted to the needs of the company. Usually is focused in two aspects:

Implementation of Lean

Technical attendance for the implementation of the tools that the company needs help:


  • Training to plant tools equipment read and other methodologies.
  • Realization of workshops and workshops.