Consultoría doeet

The success in the implementation of doeet® depends on both of the potential analytical of the software doeet® as the capacity of the consulting team that implanted it in your company. Having always present that the objective of doeet® ES reduce the cost of manufacturing, It is essential that implementation is carried out by a team with expertise in this area.

In any project of implementation of doeet® always including the assistance of a team of expert consultants in INDUSTRIAL organization and lean consulting Group IPYC, that will help you both in the implementation process and in the subsequent process of productive improvements detection and analysis of results (Monitoring doeet).

IPYC + doeet: Experience and innovation

doeet® has the resources and experience in Industrial and Lean Manufacturing organization the consultant Group IPYC, so we have all your knowledge to guide and advise companies in the improvement of productivity.

Monitoring doeet

Once switched on doeet®, the target immediately is knowing what is happening in our company. The Monitoring doeet® included in all implementations that are made with doeet®.

The specialized consultant of Group IPYC It will create together with the company responsible for the Committee of productivity, (Address, Production, Maintenance, Shopping, etc.), where will be analyzed with the help of the software doeet® all the information and the problematic of plant, and is will be the monitoring of the actions defined in the Master Plan.

  • Study of the indicator, OEE and KPI’s.
  • Detection, analysis and solutions of the deviations.
  • Analysis and proposition of actions of improvement for the productivity PLAN of action.
  • Training in the application deep of the platform doeet®.

If you also need a broader and global approach to define a Plan strategic in improving productivity across the enterprise we are interested to know the Plan of action Lean Management doeet®.