doeet® Reports

Productivity Reports

doeet® allows us to analyze our company based on international standards of measurement information of the Productivity: OEE, Availability, Performance and Quality.

To do this, doeet® incorporates a library of reports predefined that us allow make an analysis general of the State of the plant and deepen about the causes that originate these data, to know what has happened, When, or what Machine, Reference or operator specific.

Informe doeet de OEE

Efficiency of the production and OEE Global

Measure the overall productive efficiency of your machinery and personnel with the indicator OEE. The graphics of OEE they will reflect any important incident that took place during the production.

Informe doeet® de Disponibilidad

Availability of machines and operators

Get to know the Actual availability its production lines, its deviation from its value Objective, the hours of machine in March or strike, its causes, frequency and evolution.

Informe doeet® de Rendimiento

Performance and speed machines

doeet® automatically records all the produced units. The system It recognizes changes in reference and calculates average speeds for each of them.

Informe doeet® de Calidad

Quality, Bad units, Scrap, Waste

Get to know the Non-conforming units (Scrap) registered through the sensors of Quality control, verification and calibration systems, or of the Terminal doeet® operator.

Panel doeet® de Tiempo Real

Real-time production control

Check the activity of all the production lines: If your machines are currently in Reverse or stop and since when, the speed, units manufactured, etc.

Parte Electrónico doeet®

Electronic Worksheet

A single document encompasses all activity recorded during the turn: Start and end of each start and stop, Reference changes, Non-conforming units.

Informe doeet® de Turno

Report of the work session

Analyze for each shift of work Productivity, Start and stop times, Average speeds, the units produced and those not conforming.

Informe doeet® Comparativo de Turnos

Comparative report of shifts

Compare the evolution of the most relevant indicators of productivity between the different working shifts: OEE, Causes of Paros or the curve of speed.