Visual Factory

1Visual factory

Panel doeet de Tiempo Real

The concept of factory visual is to provide reliable information, up-to-date and functional to improve the operation of the companies. But in the majority of cases, These panels are simple hanging papers out of date in the time.

For this reason doeet® It allows to create information panels custom with whatever information you want, automatically be updated and focused not only to display information but to improve the operability.

In these panels we can visualize in real-time the status of machines, their level of productivity, as well as allow us to notify listings or report changes in manufacturing orders.

If with doeet® have all the information in real time from our process why not show it?


  • Display Quick from the time Real.
  • Involvement of all staff.
  • Improvement of processes and productivity.
  • Continuous training.
Fábrica Visual


  • Visualization of the productivity of each machine.
  • State of the machines control screens in real time.
  • Customization of displays information in plant.
  • Inquiry from mobile device outside plant.
  • Bonding with beacons and sirens.