Traceability and mass Balance

1Traceability and mass Balance

Traceability and mass Balance module enables check in time real them consumption and lots of the matter Prima auxiliary used in the manufacture of a product, as well as losses exceeding initial forecasts.

He price of matter Prima auxiliary is loaded automatically from the ERP together with the order of manufacture. The operator identifies the batches used matter Prima Assistant in a manufacturing order, making it easy to perform the Traceability of the raw used in each manufacturing.

Trazabilidad y Balance de Masas


  • Minimize errors in allocation of lots
  • Traceability 100% Reliable
  • Facilitate the operator the operation
  • Avoid human errors
  • Warehouse control in real time

Lector de código de barras conectado a doeet®

Printing of labels

doeet® You can connect to any external device such as labelers and printers to generate labels, Code of bars, etc.. and facilitate the identification to foot of machine.

The collected values can be found in the Report of Control of traceability, showing the list of batches used in manufacturing order, by matter Prima auxiliary or by product finish.


  • Automatic loading of the raw materials needed for each manufacturing order.
  • Identification of the batch of the raw to be used by the operator from doeet Terminal.
  • Verification of conformity for raw material.
  • Lock in store of the matter prima in use.
  • Assignment of lots together with ERP.
  • Raw materials mass balance for each manufacturing order.

Control of losses of raw materials together with productivity, a key factor to reduce the cost of manufacturing