Sequencer of manufacturing orders

1Sequencer of manufacturing orders

Orders optimizer/sequencer is an advanced module for easily the planning of manufacturing orders. Its touchscreen interface allows an optimal sequence of manufacturing orders and changes in planning.

The algorithm internal of doeet® performs all calculations to provide maximum performance in production. We can make changes manually on the sequence proposed and the rest of orders is reset automatically.

Ficha de la Órden de Fabricación en doeet

The breaks of planning of the manufacturing is one of the main reasons of low productivity


  • Compliance with service dates.
  • Easily rearrange schedules to avoid delays.
  • Detect deviations in real time.
  • Recalculate dates of delivery,
  • Easily rearrange schedules to avoid delays.
  • Stock management with update in real time.


  • Doeet link with bi-directional ERP
  • Management in waterfall of the orders. "From process to process".
  • Planning and sequencing of the OF semi-automatic
  • Closure of the order from Terminal touch. Shipping Info (material raw, UDs. manufactured, OEE, etc…) to ERP.
  • Pre-closing orders pending verification.
  • Modification of the queue of orders from the sequencer with change immediately in the Terminal touch of the operator.
  • State control of orders based on the real efficiency of the machine.
Órdenes de fabricación en planta