Quality and manufacturing control

1Quality and manufacturing control

Quality Control in plant module allows us to obtain exact information of the quality controls or Check List made in plant during the work shift.

From the touch Terminal operator records the results and controls. This information is then displayed in reports of doeet®, filtering by day, operator, Order of manufacture etc.. with what We will completely remove records of quality Control in paper.

Lista de Comprobaciones o Checklist


  • Creation of lists of checks to be carried out by the operators
  • Allocation of Checklist in order, Reference, Operator
  • Reduction of errors due to non-quality
  • Removal of records of quality paper
  • Generation of notices or alerts. Autorregistros
Control de Calidad y Fabricación doeet


  • Creation of controls in each place of work.
  • Notice of registration or measurement out of range.
  • Registry’s checks traceable time, operator, machine, OF.
  • Creation of check List for checks or records of quality.
  • Registration of manufacturing parameters.
  • Measurement and identification of the SCRAP.
  • Display real-time results of controls and check list.
  • Traceability of controls and manufacturing parameters in each OF.

Records and quality controls have no effect if the supervision thereof is not simple and effective.

Controladora de peso

doeet® You can connect to any measuring device as checkweighers, scales, machine vision systems… or even to the machine itself, in order to perform automatic records of any variable quality or manufacturing parameters.

Gráfico doeet de Variables de Calidad

Graphic doeet®Quality of variables