Document management

1Document management

With the document management module, the operator can check any document from the Terminal on ground be required for the performance of its task: manuals, technical documentation, instructions, videos.

The documents you can distribute by operator, Machine or manufacturing order and we can know if they have been read. This function, next to the part of e-work, allows delete completely the roles in plant.

Gestión Documental


  • Avoid errors due to incorrect or obsolete documentation.
  • Facilitate the distribution of documentation and communication.
  • Digitize all the documentation of manufacturing.
  • Ease of consultation of the documentation by operators.

With doeet® We have completely eliminated the paperwork in plant


  • Visualisation of documents by the operator in plant from Terminal touch.
  • Document reading log.
  • Distribution of documents assigned by operator / machine.
  • Distribution of documents instantly.
  • Charging documents specified for each OF.
  • Visualization of Videos, images, etc.. as technical instruction.
  • Possibility of use from mobile devices.