Control of craftwork

1Control of craftwork

In many industries there are positions or cells of work in which the tasks are performed manually, unless there is a process automated that US contribution information of cycles of machine, units carried out, etc..

Here the control of productivity is fundamental, but his calculation not is can perform through the indicator OEE, but that compares the time spent in a manufacturing order with its theoretical.

This module allows control in each position used human resources and productivity, by identifying the number of workers who have been working, the hours that have invested each, as well as the identification of Scrap and causes of unemployment.

Actividades de Operarios


  • Actual control of the hours spent on a task or manufacturing order.
  • Control of the operators involved in the realization of the tasks.
  • Measurement of the productivity of work manuals.


  • Identification of individual staff by position
  • Allocation of tasks or jobs to a manufacturing order
  • Calculation of working times and stop times
  • Identification of causes of failure or absence of work
  • Report of man hours invested in a manufacturing order.